Purva Fairmont session 3 – All designs are coming together

All teams presented their designs and material today. Some are too ambitious, others not so much … some use Pascals principle, others it’s just an excuse !! No one can deny their creativity. No one can stem their enthusiasm.

Surely but steadily they all seem to be coming together. All teams will now need to wrap up their implementations and be ready to show a working prototype by next week. I am struggling to keep them from not adding any more complexity to their designs and finish what they have so far. Guess that’s how children are.


With the new projector we got for Stable Bow, we saw a movie clip from Interstellar (Docking Scene – Interstellar) as well as how background scores play a role in story telling (Lord of the Rings – How music elevates the story). Children will now need to analyze this scene and write a one pager.




Analyzing movies can be a fun way to teach children how to go beyond the obvious and analyze the nuances of information in front of them (Movies as a teaching aid).


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