Experiential learning program | July-Sept 2018

July-Sept 2018 LDEW2

Similar program will be conducted simultaneously near Purvafairmont Apartments, 24 Main, HSR Layout at 4 PM in the evening. See details below

All of us as parents are convinced that just relying on school education is not enough for our children. We know the world  they will live in tomorrow will require them to develop new life skills and develop true passion for their work.

Also, children learn best by doing – not just regurgitating textbooks and taking exams. While there is tremendous value in traditional school education, we are all looking for ways to complete / complement that.

That is the purpose of Stable Bow. To complement / complete traditional school education, so children learn by Exploration, Experimentation, Experience and Expression.

I will be conducting a 12 week program for children in partnership with Words Work Library and Children’s Center in Lakedew residency, Harlur, Bangalore as well as near Purvafairmont Apartments, HSR Layout.

The real objective of the program is to instill a love for learning, critical thinking and appreciation for collaboration in young minds. This will happen through the context of exploring PHYSICS (thru projects, programming and writing)

The ‘why of StableBow‘ can explain more about this thinking.

Topics for the program:

  • Physics: Kinematics
    • Includes study of motion of objects and the effect of force … including  study of force, Newton’s laws and 2D movement of objects
  • Programming: Building projects using Python and Jupyter notebooks
    • No prior programming knowledge is needed

Details of the program in Lakedew:

  • Intro session July 8th 9 AM
  • 12 sessions from July 15th – September 30th
  • Every Sunday 9:00 – 10:30 AM
  • For children ~9-14 years / classes 5-8
  • The sessions will be in the Words Work Library and Children’s Center, Lakedew Residency, Harlur (directions click here)
  • Fees Rs. 1,500 per child per month

Details of the program in Purvafairmont:

  • Intro session July 8th 4 PM
  • 12 sessions from July 15th – September 30th
  • Every Sunday 4:00 – 5:30 PM
  • For children ~9-14 years / classes 5-8
  • The sessions will be in the Budding Kidz Montessori Preschool, Next to Purvafairmont, 24 Main, HSR Layout (directions click here)
  • Fees Rs. 1,500 per child per month

How to join the program:

  • Click here to register

There will be a lot more happening than just the topics at hand. The experience and interactions will be much more crucial than the content itself.

See some of the videos by the children. Also see this one on Rube Goldberg’s machine, Pascal’s principle and another on waves.

Over 12 weeks, children will EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIENCE and EXPRESS in this journey of learning. Kids can expect three things …

  1. Learn to Learn (EXPLORE) … discussion on learning concepts such as Growth vs Talent Mindset and Deliberate Practice
  2. Creation. Build a Project (EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT and EXPERIENCE) … teams of 2-3 will build a project (say a ‘hydraulic mechanism’). In the process appreciating the application of physics, challenges of coming up with original ideas, facing the obstacles of building / tinkering with real things and above all working as a team
  3. Critically Analyze and Synthesize (EXPLORE and EXPRESS) … we will watch small movie clips, critically analyze the layers/nuances (camera angles, sound, expressions, story telling etc.) and articulate those ideas. Kids love this

Please see the following links to understand more about StableBow and the program. Of course, we can talk more when we meet in the introduction session on Dec 16th.

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