While Indian education develops the ability to deal with volume of learning, diligence, dealing with measurable performance and hard work – there is a more needed. Today’s world of constant change needs education with a lot more Exploration, Experimentation, Experience and Expression.

Children learn best by doing / creating – not by learning from textbooks or taking tests. They are influenced more by their peer interactions than any other. Every child has inherent curiosity for the world around and a natural creativity that needs to be channeled. Real learning doesn’t happen in silos called ‘subjects’, but in a more connected manner where maths makes meaning thru physics and literature opens a window into history.

Given the certification structure our schools need to operate and the limited time available, it is very hard to build these into the design of the current Indian education system.

I know there are ‘alternate schools’. But, the model is not very accessible to most and there aren’t enough teachers to teach in ‘alternate schools’.

This lead me to the conclusion that there has to be a program that complements the traditional India school – than competes with it.

That is the purpose of Stable Bow – to help schools and parents complete the education of children.


It is NOT a coaching center for helping with competitive exams. There will never be any competition or grading in any activities at Stable Bow – yet the expectations of effort will be high. One of the core beliefs is that children are inherently curious and enthusiastic. One needs to get out of the way to enable their learning.

This is primarily driven by my personal passion to make a difference to our children.


Sridhar Turaga (Who am I | What I think)

p.s The pain and passion I feel about this topic is purely personal. Many of my thoughts are shaped by others who have thought about this more deeply. Here are some of those who inspired my thinking.