July-Sept 2018

Celebrations all around

After an intense and exciting couple of weeks the children got a chance to present their work to their parents. Felt very proud seeing their videos. Parents were all quite impressed by what everyone created. Stablebow wants to take everyone along. Not make children compete unnecessarily. So we distributed personalised certificates to every child.


Dispensing candy

Who says programming should be scary and full of syntax? We are learning thinking like a programmer through various designs for a candy dispenser. Look at the creativity and fun associated. Without realizing children are building algorithms, IF ELSE blocks and handling boundary conditions. We will soon graduate into demonstrating Newton’s laws using Python. Learning […]


Does Beckham defy Newton’s laws?

Many think David Backham is GOD on the football field. So can he defy laws of physics too? We talked earlier that Newton’s law states an object has a tendency (inertia) to stay on a straight path with constant velocity, unless an external force changes it’s direction and/or speed. Yet, Beckham seems to some how […]