Building bridges, pulleys and catapults

As we wrap up the first phase of this semester, children are rapidly finishing up their projects. The creativity and persistence being displayed by everyone is so infectious.

We should see videos from each child next week, but here is a sneak peak.

Some of the designs …

Look at the craftsmanship of this catapult …

… the creativity …


and the struggles …


Don’t get fooled by how simple this looks, it shoots like crazy …

French call it Bricolage … we call it Jugaad … I call it brilliant. A wonderful way to demonstrate the pulley mechanism … sewing machine anyone?


Complex contraptions that are still evolving as we build them …


Simple but no simpler way to build a catapult out of pencils …


Some awesome bridges that go above and beyond the original design … unstoppable creativity

Can’t wait to see all the projects being finished soon … and post the videos online.


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