Whales, Popcorn, Boyle’s law – Demo session

We started with the tale of two balloons … and slowly evolved the intuition behind Boyle’s law. We then talked about giant squids and Cuvier’s beaked whales. Fascinating linkage between Boyle’s law and how whales adapt to deep dive into the ocean.

Linkage of the same concept to many other things. Some obvious (pressure cooker) and other not too obvious (pop corn).

The children had fun debating the problems and solutions …

The parents even more …

We then talked about the thinking behind the program coming up. The philosophies behind the design of Stable Bow. Details of the sessions.

The children are excited about learning Newton’s Laws and Kinematics.

We will build some very cool projects this semester.

Sessions start Sunday July 15th. 9 AM in Lakedew Residency (Harlur) and 4 PM next to Purvafairmont Apartments (HSR).

Click here to register.

Here is what we discussed Stable Bow Intro V2

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