Children in an assembly | Hint

Here are a few hints to solve the problem listed here

When you need to solve slightly ambiguous problems like this one, follow a structured thought process.

  1. Read it carefully and explain the ask to someone else
  2. Represent the problem visually
  3. List what information you have and what else you would like
  4. For information missing can u make assumptions? Enumerate all possibilities
  5. Try solving with multiple approaches

Step #2 … representation

Step #3 & #4 …

Children in an assembly | Problem

(Source: USSR Maths Olympiad)

200 hundred students are positioned in 10 rows and 20 columns at a school assembly.

From each of the 20 columns the shortest student is selected. The tallest of these 20 short students is tagged A. They return back to their places.

Next the tallest student from each row is selected, and from these tall students the shortest is tagged as B.

Which of the two students tagged is taller, assuming they are different people?