Summer Camp Purvafairmont, May 2018

After the success of the two programs in Purva – one in December on building a hydraulic mechanism and the other one in Jan on waves, it’s time to ratchet up the game !!

This May we are going to a very different style of a program. We will have reading assignments (see the list). We will build a  Rube Goldberg machine (see the world record winning version). As ever we will work in teams and analyze movies !!

Key facts about the program:

  • Topic: Build a Rube Goldberg machine
  • Design, build, collaborate and learn to work in teams. Figure out the physics in trying to make it work
  • 6 sessions from May 5th (Sat), May 6th (Sun), May 11th (Fri), May 13th (Sun),
  • Friday and Sunday 4:00 – 5:30 PM (except the first session on 5th, a saturday)
  • For children ~10-14 years / classes 5-8
  • The sessions will be in the Purvafairmont Clubhouse
  • Fees Rs. 1,200 per child
  • Click here to register

There will be a lot more happening than just the topic at hand. The experience and interactions will be much more crucial than the content itself. For example see this one on Pascal’s principle and another on waves.

Check out how they work in teams.


… how they build real things

… and how their parents play a key role

May 2018 Summer Camp Purva (1).png

Over 6 sessions, children will EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIENCE and EXPRESS in this journey of learning. Kids can expect three things …

  1. Learn to Learn (EXPLORE) … discussion on learning concepts such as Growth vs Talent Mindset and Deliberate Practice
  2. Creation. Build a Project (EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT and EXPERIENCE) … teams of 2-3 will build a project (say a ‘hydraulic mechanism’). In the process appreciating the application of physics, challenges of coming up with original ideas, facing the obstacles of building / tinkering with real things and above all working as a team
  3. Critically Analyze and Synthesize (EXPLORE and EXPRESS) … we will watch small movie clips, critically analyze the layers/nuances (camera angles, sound, expressions, story telling etc.) and articulate those ideas. Kids love this

Please see the following links to understand more about StableBow and the program. Of course, we can talk more when we meet in the introduction session on Dec 16th.





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