Purvafairmont Jan 2018

Super excited about the new program coming up in Purva. Hope to build on the learning from last time, and make this one better.

Key facts about the program:

  • 6 sessions from January 28th – March 4th
  • Sunday 9:00 – 10:30 AM
  • For children ~10-14 years / classes 5-8
  • The sessions will be in the Purvafairmont Clubhouse
  • Fees Rs. 1,000 per child
  • For questions see stablebow.org or email me at stablebow.org@gmail.com

If you want to register, please fill this form.

Over 6 weeks, children will EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIENCE and EXPRESS though this journey of learning.

The explicit topic will be ‘Sound and Waves‘.

The inputs will be tuning forks, plates for banging, programming in Python, white-boarding, cool videos and lots of discussions.

But, all those are excuses to learn to learn.

Here are three aspects of how children will spend their time in the 6 weeks. (This is not CBSE, so we may not exactly adhere to an order and will go with the flow !!)

  1. Learn to Learn (EXPLORE) … discussion on learning concepts such as Growth vs Talent Mindset and Deliberate Practice. Experiments and problems around Waves, Sound. Play around with programming in Python to simulate ideas
  2. Creation. Build a Project (EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT and EXPERIENCE) … teams of 2-3 will build a ‘sound wave analyser’. In the process appreciating the application of physics, challenges of coming up with original ideas, facing the obstacles of building / tinkering with real things and above all working as a team
  3. Critically Analyse and Synthesise (EXPLORE and EXPRESS) … we will watch small movie clips, critically analyse the layers/nuances (camera angles, sound, expressions, story telling etc.) and articulate those ideas. Kids love this

Please see the following links to understand more about StableBow and the program.

Some FAQs

  1. Will children need to spend money to build the project? No. I intend to have a budget limit of may be Rs. 500-700. This is about creativity and tinkering
  2. Will all children do the same project? The topic is the same. Build a sound wave analyser. But each of them will be required to come up a creative way to build one
  3. Can you do it at another time? No, not for now. We will need to stick with the Sunday morning plan
  4. My child cannot attend the sessions but wants to do the project. Can we do that? Suggest not to. Think most of the value is in the discussions and collaboration
  5. Will it only be about Physics and Programming? This project is about design, collaboration, planning and communication in addition to the core concepts of physics and programming. I love movies, physics and programming. So I am marrying all three !!
  6. My child doesn’t know Python programming? No issues. They can learn what’s necessary along the way
  7. Will you share the necessary links and material? Yes, will create a whatsapp group and share in that. Will also train the children on using the online WIKISPACE platform for learning and Python programming as necessary

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