Graduation day … Purvafairmont Waves

So happy to see all parents tuning up to see their kids graduate on a Sunday morning. All the kids did so well thru this session.

This time we used waves as the topic to learn together. We not only talked about the theory behind waves but various applications. Thru the journey we learned about SIN and COS. We also created simulation of a wave in a Python notebook.

As ever, the topic is incidental. The learning process is what makes the impact.

The biggest thing I wanted the kids to learn is appreciate that programming is not about coding. It is about developing a new mindset. It is about learning anything with design, iterations and simulation.

The journey of creating a wave simulator made them appreciate the possibilities of learning thru programming.

wave equation

Most of us would be be so intimidated by the equation above. But, many of them managed to not only understand the intuition behind this, but also simulate it in a Python notebook. In fact, one kid even created a way to demonstrate interference. That’s the power of learning experimentally.

Very happy to hear all the feedback from the parents that children are starting to love this way of learning. Once we create the right environment, children’s desire to learn is unstoppable. Every child is unique. Allowing them to be themselves seems to explode their creativity.

Here is the certificate to reinforce the same message.

Waves Purva Jan 2018 Cert of Appreciation.png

Can’t wait for the summer camp in May.

We are going to create a Rube Goldeberg machine*. So much fun !!

* A Rube Goldberg machine and the world record winning version.

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