Physics Club for Life

That’s what Vedant wrote when we asked him for feedback. “Physics Club for Life“. We collected feedback from the children because that’s what this is all about. If you can’t create an environment where children want to come every week and have fun learning, then nothing else matters.

So glad to see how much they are enjoying science, working in teams and building real things.

Samit feels it just “rocket science” and “fun”. That’s the thing about children. Everything can be fun and easy. For most of us “rocket science” is scary and hard 🙂

All kids love building things and making them fly.

Glad to see Sreyas enjoying that they are working in teams. Life skills !!

Many kids like Sruthi will see the power of learning in teams. Aakanksha is appreciating how hard it is to get the process right !!

Janvi is letting her imagination fly high, feeling it’s a real launch mission !!

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