Mission to MARS @ Sherwood High

Over the last 6 sessions we embarked on a mission to Mars with all our children in Sherwood High. Using that mission as a background we explored a variety of ideas and problems as a team.

Interesting videos provided a window into the world of rocket scientists at NASA and JPL. Tricky problems stretched our minds and made us dig deeper into counter-intuitive concepts of physics. We built a foam rocket as teams of three and ran various experiments to understand the impact of angle of launch on the distance of travel.

Critical thinking. Exploring theory. Imagination. Building mechanisms. Running experiments. Above all having FUN !!

Checkout highlights of what we did below !!

Have you seen how NASA rovers landed and navigate the MARS terrain?
Image result for earth to mars orbit
Did you know why one can’t just travel as the crow flies to get to MARS?

Image result for living on mars
Can you imagine the innumerable challenges of living on MARS and how we can adopt to it?

Image result for space shuttle taking off
50 KM to escape Earth’s orbit, 50 M KM to get to MARS orbit and another 50 KM to land. Can you guess the proportion of fuel consumption?
Image result for children launching rocket
Nothing beats the joy of seeing your rocket fly.
Image result for launcher quadrant pattern form rocket
Science and fun are intertwined. Let’s run experiments to figure out the optimal angle
Image result for projectile motion
Many experiments with our rockets to understand the concept of projectile motion

Worksheets to tie all learning together formally
Learning the scientific rigor of measurement and hypothesis testing

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