Power of AND

When we talk about improving the education system, we often encounter extreme positions. “Let’s get rid of exams” says one reformer, “Let’s not have sections” says the other. While these ideas work in pockets, they can’t be scaled. Also, they miss some of the intrinsic strengths in the current education system.

Indian education system lays a lot of emphasis on hardwork, working under constraints and practice. Infact, most Asian cultures emphasize learning any subject like math is about putting in the effort necessary. This is an important aspect of developing a growth mindset – that anyone can learn anything, rather than a talent mindset.

We need to keep that. That’s what allowed Asians to thrive when presented with a better environment in the West.

We keep that … AND add critical thinking … AND creative expression … AND research mindset … AND experiential learning.

AND is the key operator here. Blindly aping the West is a recipe for a tragedy.

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