Science workshop | Jan 2019

What is stable Bow all about?

The ‘why of StableBow‘  and the inspiration are a good place to start. See some of the videos by the children. Also see their work on Rube Goldberg’s machine, Pascal’s principle and another on waves. The debates and the creative struggles should give you a sense of what we build together.

Our sessions are not just about the hard science, but about an environments to create an exploration mindset towards innovation.  Some interesting activities we did include analyzing movies and discussions we had on on Growth Mindset vs Talent Mindset for us to plant seeds for new ways of thinking.  

Everything ends with the presentation to parents and the celebration at the end – without any winners and losers. 

design of the program

The design of the program is based on a few ideas: 

  1. Learning while solving a problem and building something real is much more effective, than just reading the theory
  2. An environment that is not judging and fun can bring back the love for science in children
  3. Exploring and discovering the concepts with multiple methods (videos, examples, experiments, discussions etc.) provides a much deeper learning experience
  4. Learning doesn’t need to be lonely and it is more fun in teams
  5. Parents want to spend time with children in meaningful activities, but are often stuck for the lack of specific ideas

Why do we require parents to participate?

Research shows that families that learn together can have a disproportionate impact on a child’s education as well as overall development. Many parents attempt to do this, but struggle to sustain due to (a) lack of commitment to a schedule (b) lack of structure or specific ideas to collaborate.

Which is why we are insisting  this program requires a parent + child partnership. We believe with the nudge provided by this program, the 2-3 hours you will invest per week can not only be a valuable investment for your child’s education, but also a meaningful way to bond with your child.  

details of the program

Use these principles the program creates an experiential learning over 6 workshop style sessions. 

  • Each of parent and child(ren) teams are given a problem statement at the start of the program
    • A small Dutch town in 18th century wants to solve the problem of flooding through a system of windmills
    • Kublai Khan’s army wants to take over a fort by hurling stones across using catapults
  • The sessions follow a 6 step process (inspired by Design Thinking, but adopted to children) to discover the context and prototype a potential solution
  • Each sessions will be a guided experience and the projects will be built during the session (we know you are very busy and don’t need us to add more to it !!)
  • The sessions are designed to cater to multiple intelligence in children. There will be role plays, debates, research, drawing, video making and lots of tinkering
  • In between sessions the teams will be given videos to watch and puzzles to tackle using our online learning platform
  • All the children are winners and we will celebrate everyone’s journey of innovation

Key facts

  • 6 sessions from Jan 12th – February 16th, 2019
  • Every Saturday morning 9 – 10:30 or 11 – 12:30
  • For children ~ 9-13 years / classes ~ 5-8
  • The sessions will be in the Words Work Library and Children’s Center, Lakedew Residency, Harlur (directions click here)
  • Fees in advance Rs. 3,500 per team (one parent and child)
    • Rs. 1,500 per additional child (siblings, not cousins/friends please !!)

How to enrol

  • Click here to register
  • Sign up at the Words Work Library and Children’s Center
  • For any questions please call Sarah @ 74065 21853 / 98867 16311