data Science and Super heros … WHAT’S THE CONNECTION?

A robotic arm powered by AI solves the Rubik that in itself may not be mind-boggling ..but it truly blows your mind when you understand that all it was told/instructed was that solving the Rubik cube meant getting all one side to have one colour…and the program basically wrote itself learning from the mistakes and like human being kept trying various permutations and combinations till it solved it!

A machine trains itself to beat humans at the worlds hardest game!! 18 time world champion Lee Sedol, rated world’s best Go player was defeated by AlpfaGo, a program developed by Google DeepMind! AlphaGo’s victory was a major milestone in artificial intelligence research! Is this all an indication that machines or rather Artificial intelligence can take over the world?

That question certainly piqued the interest of the children as stable bow launched into its data science program with Legacy school! With the pandemic changing the way most educational institutes though about imparting knowledge, we at stable bow we very happy to pioneer our data science offering with Legacy.

Which superhero is the best? With that question posed to the children we set off on the journey of trying to understand how data science could help us settle this debate once and for all!

Each child obviously had their own take on the question which was from their own personal convictions and experience, while not dismissing them we set off on trying to answer the question in a more analytical way.

Walking the students through the understanding of the problem statement, to defining variables for consideration, and to get into visualisation we were presently surprised to see the engagement level and the interest the children who were entering uncharted waters with data science. Their ability to look at a problem from different perspectives, the ability to think of factors  that were out of the box, the creativity used in creating some truly divergent thinking mindmaps.. was just the boost in conviction that we needed to ensure we make this program available to more of a wider student base.

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” William Pollard

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