Rough seas create great sailors !

Just when we felt we have started developing our sea legs, we seemed to have come across some very choppy waters.

As a young organization in the educational space, the current situation with covid-19 is making us question everything we have learnt over the last year in the way in which we engage with schools.

The lockdown has proved to be an important testing point for us and we have made great strides in refining our content and redefining how we engage.

For signing up for the summer camp click here.

Some of the lessons we have learnt-

Keeping the class size small

We consciously decided we cannot take the easy route out and get big numbers to sign up..less is more. Depth of engagement is what set us apart and we weren’t going to compromise on that.

Talk less, leave space to think

How we love the sound of our own voices, and we love to sound so intelligent. The value of the session is felt more if the children could stumble upon the learning while creating/doing something.

Power of everyday items

It isn’t about the quality of the equipment but the learning we can draw from those everyday items. The refinement of kits was not something we used earlier, now with constraints on delivery we would have to figure innovative ways of doing the same activities using everyday equipment.

Never underestimate the power of eye contact

Keeping the camera on, making sure we took time out to make a real connections. The smiles were real, the sneaky snacking in between, discussion about sleep timings all real conversations helping us connect.

Keep the baton moving

Every class was linked to the next, making sure there was a challenge question posed so that they would comeback either with answers or a sense of intrigue.

We have also received some very encouraging feedback from some parents and it has served as an impetus for us to to keep at it. And so with new found confidence we are launching our first online camp.

For signing up for the summer camp click here.

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