Hello Sherwood High !!

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At this busy beautiful school, located at the Nice Road exit which seems to match the busy-ness of all the children inside, we are launching a year long experiential learning program for science.

Special thanks to the vision and guidance of Mrs. Agnes to build a program like this at Sherwood High.

The goal is to infuse love of physics thru solving real life challenges. While that is the goal, the journey will include a lot of life skills including problem framing, research, collaboration in a team , story telling and most importantly craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship is sorely missing on the roads and junctions all around the school (and in most public places in India). Designing and building things with your own hands is critical if we ever want to have real engineers, scientists or product managers out of India.

A few key facts:

  • Part of the timetable as a ‘hobby club’, so no after school pickup/drop
  • Once a week
  • Expect ~30-34 sessions in this year (accounting for holidays, exams, cancellations etc.)
  • Aim to complete at least one big project, 2 small projects, 2 workshops and key parts of one series of APS Spectra thru the sessions this year
  • All work happens in the class as teams, but expect assignments for research, reading and viewing

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