Amazing designs in Lakedew

We finished our third session. It was time to explore the designs from all project teams. As always, it was so motivating to see the energy and creativity of all teams.

Here is what the team calls as the Lazy Jack (TM). A fairly sophisticated mechanism to lift a light using two jacks and one hydraulic mechanism. Ambitious to say the least.

Another team wants to crush fruits in what they call the Fast and Furious Juicer (TM). Won’t be surprised if I see it on amazon market place one of these days. See the details in the illustration!!

The third team had to abandon their design after we debated the idea. They were a bit disappointed but, recovered quickly by evening to come up with a new design. This is an all girls team.

Wonder women 🙂

I always think the journey of learning far outweighs the content of what you learn. The kids are learning so many lessons – some technical and others life – because they are driving this journey. They have an idea and they are working to make it happen.

No one is managing them. They are managing themselves.

We also debated around one idea, and a quick experiment settled all debates. Let’s just do it 🙂

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