Intro session – Lakedew Dec 2018

The only way I can describe the intro session in Lakedew is “can’t tell whether the kids were more excited or the adults“.

Supported by my two assistants (Surya and Ishanth !) and guiding hand of Radha – we started with an experiment. Imagine there is glass full of water with floating ice cubes. Make sure it’s absolutely full such that some of the ice is jutting above the water level. What will happen to the water level when the ice melts? Will it a. Spill over b. Stay as it is c. Go down?

Won’t give the answer to it now, but we had some interesting debate on what the right answer is. We actually did the experiment. Now imagine we used ice cubes frozen with marbles inside them. What will happen now?


After that we watched the Docking scene from interstellar again and again … each time trying to observe more subtle things about the story telling. Amazed by the little things each child noticed. We used four questions below to illustrate the point that everything in life can be studied in more depth beyond the obvious layers.

  • Why does the background music go quiet at 0.17?
  • Why does the camera have the planet in the background at 0.27?
  • Why does Cooper say, what he does, in reply to Tars at 1:15?
  • Why does the camera shift to a far shot at 2:50?

Happy to see so much enthusiasm from both parents and children. Look forward to starting the season 1 on Jan 14th, 2018. Yes it will be on a Sunday as requested by many parents. Details are posted here.

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