Good bye Purva Fairmont, see you in January

Kids presented to parents, all projects were so amazing, they all got a certificate with a twist …

“I could see the enthusiasm with which Meghana was explaining and collecting information … and coordinating with her partner”

“The concept of hands on experience is the most interesting thing. Children figuring out for themselves what works and what does not is wonderful. Gentle reminders of deadlines are great !”

“The best thing about Stable Bow is the kids get to think and see how a particular concept of science works. It really motivates them to go and explore different aspects” – Ishaan Varma, Class 4

“Liked how children came up with different applications. The experiments being done by the children … creates enthusiasm, intent and also a sense of purpose when they study” – Sharanya’s father

“I liked the Interstellar scene and the whole session, because it was something different I could learn. More classes in one week” – Shreya, Class 7

“Children coming together and brainstorming ideas while having fun. No pressure to perform and failure teaches more and better too” – Rajesh Sunkara, Parent

“All the experiments were amazing. I even liked the videos which we watched. It was a really exciting class” – Sharanya, Class 6

“My daughter’s enthusiasm for physics has multiplied …. I am 100% sure that she has actually learned the application of the principle better than any text would have explained” – Sunita, Parent

“The certificates were very well thought out. I don’t think Ishaan has been more thrilled about receiving an accolade – I guess the personal touch was so important” – Veena, Parent



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